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Zipper reclosure for fresh English muffins

VP Editor Emeritus, Packaging World
A PACK EXPO highlight in the Upper South hall of Amcor was a package of English muffins from Dave’s Killer Bread, a firm based in Milwaukie, OR.

Unlike most if not all products in this fresh refrigerated English muffin category, these muffins were intended for nationwide distribution from a single location. Consequently, shelf life needed to be more than the 12 days or so that competitive items in the category have. So a modified atmosphere format was chosen.

More noticeable to the consumer, however, is the zipper reclosure feature on the package. According to Amcor, this is the first package in the fresh refrigerated English Muffin category to have a zipper reclosure.

Details about the package from Dave’s Killer Bread are not available as we post this. As for Amcor, the folks at the PACK EXPO booth describe the packaging material as a pretty standard multilayer structure that includes a coextrusion including EVOH for gas barrier purposes that gets laminated to a reverse-printed polyester. The zipper, from Zip-Pak, is applied in-line on a flow wrapper from an unnamed machine builder.

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