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Complete cryogenic freezing and chilling systems for rapid heat removal from food products in a minimum amount of production floor space. Efficient, economical and productivity-boosting processes to enhance product quality and potentially improve overall food production.

Cryogenic gases - nitrogen and carbon dioxide - paired with freezing & chilling equipment

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Number of employees:80,000 globally
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Customers working with Linde's industrial gas and equipment systems are able to achieve productivity improvement and maintain high product quality in freezing and chilling operations. Rapid heat removal with cryogenic liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide offers processors a variety of options that meet their processing needs. From Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) production featuring the CRYOLINE® UPF ultra performance flighted freezer to flexible, direct product snowing applications taking advantage of the unique properties of carbon dioxide snow production systems.

For Linde and the food processing market areas we serve, there are three general, yet descriptive, categories that group and detail unique competencies that address the needs of our customers. This focus is on 1) product temperature through the precise heat removing properties of cryogenic gases, 2) the proper and scientific application of the gases and gas atmospheres acquired by servicing thousands of customers, and 3) the system support and engineering experience that allow our customers to rely on Linde to help with improving productivity.

Linde is a leading industrial gas company worldwide. The company employs over 80,000 people globally and has been named to the Dow Jones® World Sustainability Index for 18 consecutive years. Linde produces, sells and distributes atmospheric, process and specialty gases, and high-performance surface coatings. Our products, services, and technologies are making our world more productive by bringing efficiency and environmental benefits to a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, aquaculture, chemicals, food and beverage, electronics, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, primary metals, water/wastewater and many others.

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