Motorized pulleys run oil free

Torque remains constant over a wide speed range

Sparks Dura-Drive SPM Pulley
Sparks Dura-Drive SPM Pulley

Sparks Dura-Drive SPM pulleys have high-efficiency synchronous motors that come in 3.19- to and 4.39-in. diameters, with a horsepower range of 0.25 to 1.35. Built to exceed IE4 efficiency limits and meet IE5 requirements, the permanent magnet motors can be run sensor-less in speed control mode or with feedback in combination with a servo drive in position, speed or torque control. The pulleys are fitted with a KTY84-130 switch or PTC temperature sensor. Featuring a one-piece design, they can be specified for new conveyor systems or ordered with two mounting brackets for retrofitting.

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