Food Facility Design/Build Playbook

Trends, Strategies and Get-It-Right Tips

Running out of space these days? You're not alone! Whether managing workstation distancing in the COVID era or responding to SKU proliferation, many food companies are discovering their facilities are no longer meeting the day's challenges.

If you're re-examining facility use, be sure to check out this 38-page e-book.

In it, you'll find:

  • Creative ideas for carving out space within your existing food facility
  • How to build a solid business case for an expansion project—and the often-missed details you shouldn't overlook
  • A Basis of Design template you can use with your next project, as well as key tips for containing cost (Finally learn how peers keep costly change orders in check!)
  • Pro advice for how to best future-proof your design-build projects
  • Latest trends and how they're affecting the future of food facility design: Discover what's new in space segregation, sustainability, flexing for automation changes & more!


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