Screw Compressors Are Built for Cooling and Heating Operations

Components are individually configured for each project

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Gea Grasso Sp1 Hp High Pressure Compressors

Designed for high-pressure applications, GEA screw compressors are suitable for heat pumps using ammonia or low-temperature cooling with CO2. Grasso SP1 HP high-pressure compressors feature capacities with ammonia from approximately 600 to 9,500 kW (heat sink supply temperature 158 °F at 86 °F evaporation and -441.7 °F subcooling) and NH3 condensing temperatures up to 185 °F. CO2 refrigeration capacities range from 400 kW to over 4,000 kW (at -58 °F/23 °F). CO2 cooling is possible as low as -65 °F. The maximum condensing temperature level is 50° F, allowing operation modes for defrosting process temperatures above 32 °F. 

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