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PMMI Business Intelligence surveyed Canadian manufacturers from 5 market segments (food, pharma, beverage, personal care and industrial/other) and 7 provinces and asked what sources they rely on for information about new technology and equipment.

According to PMMI Business Intelligence’s new report “The Market for Packaging Machinery in Canada 2018,” almost all respondents attend trade shows, and more than half say it is the single most important source of information.

PACK EXPO International and PACK EXPO Las Vegas were mentioned by most respondents. Interpack, and industry-specific shows such as Anuga Food or Seafood Expo are also valued.

Only 16% mention the internet as the top source of information, though many use it to identify suppliers, compare specifications, and get ideas and information about new technologies. Manufacturer websites are noted as being more important than industry ones.

A number of companies mention the difficulty of identifying and researching products, getting accurate information, and determining the equipment that meets the need. Determining reliability and visiting reference sites are particular difficulties. “There are lots of options, so it’s tough making sure you made the right choice!”

Download the FREE executive summary of this report below. PMMI Members can download the entire report for free here.

Source: PMMI Business Intelligence, “The Market for Packaging Machinery in Canada 2018

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