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Leveraging OEE to boost plant efficiency

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 11:00am to 12:00pm


Mark Hanley
Senior Asset Reliability Manager
Land O'Lakes
Diana Franciosa
Production Supervisor
Joyce Fassl
Moderator | Editor-in-Chief
ProFood World

Making the most of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can bring great value to CPG companies, from minimizing the need for stops to optimizing labor use to reducing likelihood of quality variation. Yet too few organizations realize its potential.

In this webinar, learn how leaders at Land O’Lakes and GlaxoSmithKline boost performance of processing and packaging lines by using industry best practices and tools from PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network—including an OEE calculator. 

Speakers will share how they used the calculator—which is free to members—as a means for unifying internal stakeholders around identification and prioritization of improvement efforts to optimize outcomes. 

With the calculator, the CPG companies were able to estimate the “product cost impact” of improvement efforts as well as:

  • Set target performances for processing and packaging lines

  • Estimate labor needs and costs

  • Uncover savings through baseline performance.

Speaker Bios:

Mark Hanley, Senior Asset Reliability Manager, Land O’Lakes
Throughout his 35-year career, Mark Hanley has demonstrated a passion to improve the current state in everything—from the performance of an asset to the effectiveness of a corporation. His current position with Land O’Lakes has allowed him to influence the effectiveness in plants ranging from dairy to feed, seed, and crop control. The effect of Mark’s leadership is evident in the improvement in maintenance processes, line efficiencies, and true asset reliability across the company.


Diana Franciosa, Production Supervisor, GlaxoSmithKline
Diana is a passionate professional working to understand how to best leverage people, process and technology to deliver high quality products at a low cost, while providing outstanding customer service.  As an industry contributor within PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network, she partners with innovative companies dedicated to developing best solutions and standards. Diana is a professional engineer and project management professional.  In addition to TPM, she has experience in Lean and Six Sigma.



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