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Product Summary: Conveying, screening, separating and accumulating equipment
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Sanitary design has always been a key feature of our equipment for the food industry and is now more important than ever in today’s environment of increased sanitation standards. The Slipstick Conveyor is inherently “Food Safe” because the one-piece formed stainless steel conveyor pan is seamless and has no moving parts in the food stream. Triple/S Dynamics is committed to supplying sanitary equipment to meet the highest sanitary standards including features such as: •Optional all stainless steel construction •Bearings and other components mounted on standoffs to eliminate hard to clean crevices •Hinged covers over food stream to minimize potential for cross contamination and intrusion of foreign material •Round or diamond set sealed structural members to eliminate flat surfaces where water and debris can accumulate •All components and structural members passing over the food stream are constructed of stainless steel Triple/S Dynamics designs and manufactures a broad range of vibratory equipment for the food processing industries. The Slipstick® Horizontal Motion Conveyor, first introduced to the food industry in 1982, has set a new standard of performance and sanitation. That improved sanitation maintenance and retention of product quality are the two main driving forces behind the success of the Slipstick Conveyor. Our line card also includes the Slipstick Accumulator and other vibratory conveyors, including the X-Force, Tex-Flex Natural Frequency Conveyor, slat and belt conveyors, as well as screening and separation equipment.
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