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Frozen soup maker uses steam generators to keep up with growing production

In tough times, nothing soothes and comforts like a steamy bowl of fresh soup. That’s what makes Kettle Cuisine a frontrunner in the frozen soup industry. Formed in 1986 as a small factory in a converted garage in Revere, Massachusetts, Kettle Cuisine now creates small-batch, all natural soups for restaurants, foodservice operators and grocery retailers around the country. The company prides itself on the use of natural, fresh vegetables, antibiotic-free chicken and beef, and the highest quality ingredients. 

The company’s growing menu now includes plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free soups and expanded product lines such as macaroni and cheese, organic oatmeal and spinach dip. 

With a team of top-notch chefs, Kettle Cuisine focuses on quality meal preparation. Because every soup crafted by the processor is unique, proper timing, the right equipment and perfect cooking temperatures are paramount. “In order to make our soup we, of course, have to heat it up to the proper temperature,” Vice President of Operations Nigel McGinn states. “This ensures that the quality remains when it is reheated at restaurants and groceries.” 

Kettle Cuisine needed quick, steady, reliable heat and looked to Clayton Steam Generators for the solution. The generators are small and durable. With a small footprint, quick start-up time and blowdown time that is 90 percent shorter than other conventional boilers, “it makes cooking our soup much more reliable and economic,” says McGinn. 

Kettle Cuisine purchased its first two steam generators in 2012, and they are still going strong. “Good food is an art and a science. Timing is everything,” explained Kettle Cuisine head chef Cesare Casadei. “The generators produce steam in about 10 minutes, which trumps the hours that conventional boilers take to start producing steam,” 

Four years after the first generators were purchased, Kettle Cuisine is looking to buy more. “As our company grows, so must our facilities to keep up with production, and the most efficient way to do that is with a steam generator like Clayton,” says McGinn.