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Axiflow Technologies, Inc.

Tampa, Florida 33682

Company Overview

Axiflow Technologies is a U.S. based corporation that specializes in Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps.  Twin Screw is all we do!

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:10
Number of employees:20
Geographic sales distribution:North America and Central & Latin Americas
Service, support & spare parts:

Axiflow Technologies guarantees every pump and every system we sell. This means that we  will take back any pump or system if it does not perform under the  specified conditions for which the pump is sized or the system is designed. How can we offer such a guarantee? 
Startup and ComissioningAxiflow offers a large pool of trial pumps to prove out your ¬†application. ¬†If you have a difficult application and you need to prove ¬†it out in your plant on your system, we can send you a pump to try. ¬†We ¬†offer trials for all of our standard series pumps and high pressure series pumps as well as common models of our Axi-Mix‚ĄĘ systems.
Onsite Pump Evaluations and RepairAxiflow Technologies has vast knowledge and experience in many food,  beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical applications.  There is not  much we have not seen!  If your application is something we have  experience with, we will give you a pump as a guaranteed application.   What does this mean?Upon receiving a purchase order, we would ship the pump assembly and hold the invoice for up to 45 days past the shipping date. The customer will have 2 weeks to install the pump and then 30 days to  evaluate the performance of the pump.  If it meets the performance  criteria, then the customer pays the invoice.  If not, the customer  would allow Axiflow to come onsite to see if we can solve any issue.  If  we are unable to, you would send the pump assembly back to Axiflow at  no charge other than the shipping cost.
Spare PartsAxiflow Technologies has a large spare parts inventory for all pumps with Next Day Air shipments available for emergencies and same day shipping on most orders and parts.

Other services:

Our Maintenance Technicians provide on-site start up and maintenance training support when needed.

P.O. Box 17510
Tampa, Florida 33682
United States
Toll Free:1-855-AXI-FLOW (294-3569)

Axiflow Technologies is a U.S. based corporation that specializes in Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps. Twin Screw Pumping Technology is the use of two intermeshing feed screws, timed for non-contacting and rotating in opposite directions to create product flow. Axiflow has 3 locations including an R&D Pilot Plant and Engineering facility in Charlotte NC and Fabrication Facility in Tampa FL. Twin Screw is all we do!

One significant benefit of Twin Screw Pumping Technology is the capability of the pump to operate at a given speed for the process conditions and then operate at a higher speed to perform the required Clean In Place (CIP) condition. This 2 in 1 capability simplifies the system to one pump and eliminates the need for the separate CIP By-Pass. There are several other process benefits which include low product shear, virtually pulse free, gentle pumping of soft solids, low NPSHr, high vacuum capability and others. Why should a customer consider Axiflow first and foremost for their Positive Displacement pump applications?

Axiflow personnel has over 100 combined years of process and pumping experience in Food, Beverage, Dairy, Plant Based Foods and Pharma Industries, with the largest Sanitary Twin Screw Pump installed base and inventory in North America. The many applications handled over the years enable Axiflow to use their experience to help avoid pitfalls and assist our customers in determining the best processing solutions.

Our Maintenance Technicians provide on-site start up and maintenance training support when needed.

Axiflow Technologies has a vast array of pump sizes and configurations available for either On-Site Testing or Rental. The typical free trial is 3 weeks from the date of shipment with only shipping cost incurred.

Our R & D Center and Pilot Plant in Charlotte NC offers Viscosity/Shear Rate Analysis and Product Process Testing. The tests are comparable to the actual processing conditions. Send us your samples and we will provide data to give a better understanding of your products behavior in the proposed process.

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Key Contacts
George Doan
Product Manager
David Alan
Southwest Regional Manager
Brock Fossnight
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Tadd Wolff
Applications - North East USA
Nestor Jaimes
LATAM Sales Manager
Brett Winkle
Applications Engineer