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Wire Belt Company of America is the worldwide leading manufacturer of open mesh stainless steel conveyor belts and conveyors.

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Bedford, NH 03110
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Wire Belt Company is the leading manufacturer of open-mesh stainless steel conveyor belts and a full line of conveyor solutions. With over 85 years of industry knowledge, we keep our customer’s conveyor lines up and running. Our conveyor belts are used extensively in applications such as: breading, battering, baking, coating, frying, cooking, and cooling. Our world-class Customer Service and Technical teams have the knowledge to help you find the right belt or conveyor to fit your applications needs.

Flat-Flex® stainless steel conveyor belts - USDA Accepted, open-mesh clean-in-place design. Available in different pitches and wire diameters to meet your application needs.

Eye-Flex® heavy-duty metal modular conveyor belts - Designed to take on your toughest applications.

Compact-Grid™ conveyor belts - Engineered to offer superior support for small products. Compact-Grid’s belt design offers long belt life. Compact-Grid™ is easy to join on your conveyor, which will get you up and running quickly.

Ladder-Track™ conveyor belts - Designed for baking applications. Easy to join and to
install on your conveyor.

Flat-Turn® Conveyors - Maximize your space with tight transfers and maintaining product orientation around corners.

Straight Conveyors - Open design with maximum cleanability and custom designed for your application.

Ladder-Flex™ Conveyors - Spreading, converging and diverging conveyors with a positive drive and ability to run narrow conveyors to save space.

Call us to talk about a specific application or for further information at (603) 644-2500 and we will be happy to help. 

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Richard Spiak
Vice President of Sales and Marketing