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Company Overview

Whether your mixing process requires blending, emulsifying, homogenizing, hydrating, dissolving, mixing, deagglomerating or reclamation, one Silverson high shear mixer is all you will need to get the job done.

Silverson Machines are world leaders in the design and manufacturing of high shear mixers as well as specializing in Powder/Liquid Mixers, Sanitary Mixers and Disintegrator/Dissolvers. Silverson Machines has the largest capacity range from a single manufacturer and has helped customers across the world improve their mixing processes. The extensive range of high shear rotor/stator mixers that Silverson manufactures means that we can help with mixing as little as 1ml, or large volumes of up to 30,000 litres and everything in between.

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For more than 75 years Silverson has specialized in the manufacture of quality high-shear mixers for the food and beverage industries.

At Silverson Machines, we know that the mixing challenges of the food and beverage industry are unique and constantly changing. As well as being at the forefront of new applications and technologies, Silverson has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon from supplying customers in the food industry in over 150 countries. From small start-ups to large multinational companies, our mixing experts will collaborate with you to make sure you get the right mixer for application.

Whether you’re concerned with reducing production times, sanitary processing, powder/liquid mixing, producing stable emulsions, dissolving sugar, disintegrating solids, blending liquids of different viscosities, or dispersing and hydrating gums, thickeners, and stabilizers, Silverson has a mixing solution for you.

Scale up

We have a wide range of high-shear food mixers available that are ideal for food applications, ranging from our most popular L5M-A Laboratory mixer all the way up to in-tank mixers that can process batches of up to 8000 gallons. Silverson Machines offer the largest capacity range from a single manufacturer and part of our success – and that of our clients – is the accuracy with which we can predict the performance of our production scale mixers based on laboratory trials.

We see no point in using a laboratory mixer capable of speeds of 25,000 rpm or more if the results cannot be replicated in production. That’s why our laboratory mixers are designed and built to the same tolerances as our production units; comparable rotor tip speed and shear rates across our entire product line mean scalable results, every time.


As we design and build every Silverson mixer ourselves, unlike other equipment suppliers, this gives us the flexibility to custom design and build machines to meet our customer’s exact specifications and requirements. Whether you require a mixer to operate under ultra-sanitary conditions, high pressure or to be constructed in non-standard materials such as Hastelloy or Titanium, Silverson has the flexibility, knowledge, and capability to design and build a mixer to fit your exact requirements.

Try before you buy

And if you aren’t sure what you need or would like to see what high shear mixing can do before you commit to purchasing, Silverson offers extensive testing either at our testing centers or at our customers’ own facilities.

We are confident that we can revolutionize your process – improving product quality and consistency and dramatically cutting mixing times – so we challenge you to put us to the test. A local Technical Representative can visit you and conduct laboratory scale trials on your product or for pilot and production scale applications our trial program allows you to conveniently test a larger mixer at your own facility.

Alternatively, you can visit one of our fully equipped Test Centres. These are available for the use of all clients and allow you to discuss your application with our experienced in-house technical staff and carry out your testing program. We can replicate many typical process systems and you can test your product on a full range of Silverson high shear mixers.

Whether you are looking to improve your existing process or want to take advantage of the latest mixing technology in the development of a new product or process, call Silverson – we’ll find the right mixer for you.

Improving your mixing processes

Time after time, companies specify Silverson mixers as the “standard” equipment for their manufacturing process, with a single Silverson high shear mixer able to perform a wide range of mixing applications with speed and consistency. With the exceptionally rapid mixing action of a Silverson high shear mixer, process times are substantially reduced compared to a conventional agitator.

Silverson mixers are advantageous when:

  • Hydrating and deagglomerating gums and thickeners - Agglomerates are instantaneously broken down as they pass through the rotor/stator workhead, resulting in an agglomerate-free mix with maximum yield.
  • Reclaiming waste or out-of-spec product
  • Dissolving - For example, Silverson mixers can produce a 66 Brix sugar solution at ambient temperature
  • Homogenizing - In many cases, a Silverson mixer can replace a high-pressure homogenizer in a processing line. They can also be used to create a uniform premix that will pass through a high-pressure homogenizer at a much faster rate and often in a single pass.
  • Reducing particle size 
  • High Viscosity mixing - The innovative pumping rotor design of some Silverson mixers allows them to process higher viscosity products.
  • Blending liquids of varying viscosities
  • Forming stable emulsions - A Silverson mixer can easily create a stable emulsion with a droplet size of 2 – 5 microns, results down to 0.5 microns can be achieved depending on the formulation.

If you’d like to discuss your food/beverage application or find out more about high shear mixing could benefit your mixing process, get in touch with Silverson Machines today.

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