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Cablevey Conveyors

Oskaloosa, IA 52577

Company Overview

Cablevey Conveyors, headquartered in Oskaloosa, Iowa, specializes in tubular drag cable and disc systems for the food industry, serving 66+ countries and transporting 1,000+ materials. Founded in 1971, it's a family-owned global leader.

Cablevey Conveyor's modular system relies on basic components such as discs, tubing, cables, and sweeps that supply the flexibility and adaptability to accommodate a processing plant’s space and specifications. This flexibility easily enables customization – you can move materials in any direction, horizontally or vertically, from floor to mezzanine or between buildings, with minimal modifications to your facility.

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:50
Number of employees:50
Geographic sales distribution:Domestic & International

The conventional warranty covers the gear motor for 12 months after purchase. Companies that take advantage of commissioning receive a 12-month extended warranty on system components after the Cablevey technician approves the installation under regular use from the date of purchase when the system is installed within its recommended limitations.

Service, support & spare parts:

SCOPE OF WORKTroubleshooting and provision of technical assistance for your system(PERSONNELOne Field Service Technician to be provided by AHSPARTSOccasionally, if problems have been pre-determined, we will bring the parts with us to complete the service call. It is always recommended to have our standard spare parts kit availableCOSTA service call fee for the expenses associated with the time and travel to diagnose, inspect, and provide technical recommendations will be chargedTo submit a request for field services or parts, please contact the support team:


Staff training involves a thorough walk-through for every system part, from inlets to discharge. Staff will learn how to put couplers together and how to torque the couplers step by step.Annual Service Training will take place at your location with both a classroom learning environment and hands-on when your system is available. When the system is available, it adds depth to the instruction with step-by-step instructions for the staff about system timing and tensioning, how to properly torque the couplers, cut the cables, and more.

Other services:

We believe in personal attention and rapid response. With a customer base that spans the globe in 66 different countries, a member of our service staff is available 24/7. Our service team will listen to your concerns and formulate a practical, knowledgeable response. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering superior service packages to support our tubular conveying systems. Service packages round out the full range of integrated amenities, including conveyor design, engineering, quality manufacturing, installation, supervision, and annual service contracts and training. These service packages include several solutions.

2397 Highway 23
P.O. Box 148
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
United States
Phone:(641) 673-8451
Toll Free:(800) 247-3344
Fax:(641) 673-7419

Cablevey Conveyors develops and builds state-of-the-art enclosed tubular drag cable and disc mechanical systems used to convey food and specialty ingredient materials. Based on its patented, gentle, cable and disc technology, Cablevey’s conveyors gently move materials such as coffee, nuts, snack foods, breakfast cereal, flakes, powders, pellets, shavings, crumbles, granules, fluff and dust with ease. 

By using no air to convey, friable materials are kept intact as intended, from inlet to discharge points. This gentle approach virtually eliminates the product separation and degradation that occur with traditional conveying systems such as bucket elevators, screw conveyors, pneumatic and aeromechanical systems. 

There are different methods offered to clean and sanitize a tubular drag cable and disc conveyor, depending on what material is being conveyed. The material's reaction to water would indicate whether a wet or dry cleaning procedure would be more appropriate. Cablevey Conveyors offers both wet and dry conveyor cleaning options.

Our tube conveyors are designed for food-grade applications seeking to eliminate places for fines to accumulate. 

This is why Cablevey Conveyors systems are a top choice for conveying materials in the food processing, chemical, plastic, paper, wood, and waste-water and petrochemical industries.

All systems utilize cable & disc technology and operate at convey speeds which average 100ft. (30.48 meter) per minute. 

8000 Series 8 inch (200mm) diameter tube Conveys up to 2000 cubic feet (56 cubic meters) per hour

6000 Series 6 inch (150mm) diameter tube Conveys up to 1240 cubic feet (35 cubic meters) per hour

4000 Series 4 inch (100mm) diameter tube Conveys up to 525 cubic feet (14.87 cubic meters) per hour

2000 Series 2 inch (50mm) diameter tube Conveys up to 75 cubic feet (2.12 cubic meters) per hour 

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