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Multi-Conveyor may be a CPG's best kept secret. Why? Find out now. You may be quite surprised. Learn more: Remember, Multi-Conveyor... your best, conveyed better. Call today. 800-236-7960

Conveyors, conveying devices, sanitary systems to flip, transfer, grip, index, accumulate, sort, divert, elevate, merge, rotate, turn, orient and move your products.

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:30+
Number of employees:75+
Geographic sales distribution:Nationwide and worldwide both direct or through distribution.
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

Five years on most parts and manufactured components. For purchased components, the manufacturer’s warranty is passed onto the customer.

Service, support & spare parts:

Direct contact to each project's individual Project Manager 24/7, in-house and field technical support, online parts contact information and much more.


On-site installation service - mechanical & electrical; start-up assistance; FAT (factory acceptance testing) including operational instruction; control verification in your (your customer's) plant to "fine-tune" the system and educate your employees on proper usage/maintenance.

Other services:

Concept, Design, Engineering, Electrical and Turnkey Systems. Multi-Conveyor can alleviate much of the work on the front end of your conveyor building process by utilizing our experienced engineers and project management team so you can concentrate on other areas of your project. Contact us, we can help.

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Winneconne, WI 54986
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Toll Free:800-236-7960

Conveyors are the lifeline component that keeps your products moving.  Your production line relies on conveyors just as your body relies on veins.  Don’t let price and quick delivery take over as your focal point.

Multi-Conveyor is your “go to” conveyor equipment manufacturer for the packaging industry - hands down.  Specializing in standard and custom engineered products with exceptionally experienced electrical and OEE capabilities.  We are a leader in the industry for what we do.  This is not an opinion or a debate, it is simply a humble fact.

Key factors that must be considered with any conveyor system are designs for safety, ease of use, maintenance, longevity, sanitation, quality components and how it meets the application's requirements - along with after-sales service, parts and warranty.  We build sanitary, hygienic, washdown, 3A Dairy, USDA, WDA and FDA compliant machinery on a regular basis.

If this research is not done up front, and a system is purchased only on lowest initial cost, a poorly performing system or retrofit could mean more money and an unnecessary headache later on in the process.  When comparing conveyor systems, make sure they're apples-to-apples.  Focus on construction, performance, safety and compliance.

Multi-Conveyor can move, flip, transfer, grip, index, accumulate, sort, divert, elevate, merge, rotate, turn, align and orient your products, cases and packaging as you require.  Why settle for anything less?

Take the Multi-Conveyor challenge.  Even if you’re satisfied with your existing conveyor supplier, let us quote your next project.  Chances are, we’ve already built a system that’s similar to the project you’re working on right now - or made one pretty darn close.

Visit our comprehensive video gallery of conveying solutions at Then, let's chat. Call today: 1-800-236-7960.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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