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Aerzen USA

Coatesville, PA 19320

Company Overview

Aerzen is an international manufacturer of Positive Displacement Blowers, Hybrid Blowers, Screw Compressors, and Turbo Blowers.

Aerzen is a worldwide manufacturer of positive displacement, hybrid, and turbo blowers.

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:38
Number of employees:130
Geographic sales distribution:United States
108 Independence Way
Coatesville, PA 19320

 Aerzen is an innovator since it was founded in Germany in 1864. Aerzen manufactures positive displacement blowers, turbo blowers, screw compressors, and vacuum pumps that supply oil-free air to processes in food and water. Since 1983, Aerzen USA has been supplying and supporting Aerzen equipment in the USA, and with sister companies in Mexico and Canada expanded throughout North America. Aerzen’s positive displacement machines are known for high reliability and efficiency and are chosen for harsh environments, difficult applications and where high turndown capability is required.

Aerzen provides various types of dry, single-stage, air-cooled positive displacement blowers and compressors for pressures to 50 psig and vacuum to 25.5” Hg. Blowers are used for processes such as pneumatic conveying in both vacuum and pressure modes to handle the transfer of dry bulk materials. The Delta Hybrid Blower was developed with a focus on increasing energy efficiency and achieving a significant reduction of energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The wire-to-process energy usage reduction can exceed 30% over typical positive displacement blowers depending on operating conditions and turndown range.

Aerzen Turbo Blowers are single-stage high-speed radial turbo blowers designed to meet the varying flow and pressure requirements in many different processes. This modern frequency-controlled, gearless driven machine, along with lubricant-free aero bearings, guarantees an economical, reliable, and maintenance-free compressor operation.

Aerzen Rental provides temporary oil-free blower and compressor solutions under 50 psig. Rental units are available for immediate deployment in the event of a failure or shortfall, as well as longer-term operational leasing and rent-to-own programs. AERZEN offers you 100% oil-free process air for various applications in food. For 100% product purity and safety solutions visit:

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Key Contact
Darrell Hill
Director of Sales