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Pick Heaters, Inc.

West Bend, WI 53095

Company Overview

Direct Steam Injection Heaters can be used wherever medium to high-pressure steam is available and an unlimited supply of industrial hot water is needed, or to heat liquids or slurries in-line.

The Food Industry's special challenges are perfect for Pick Direct Steam Injection. Throughout the food plant, from process heating to plant sanitation, Pick provides instant, unlimited hot water at a precise temperature.When compared to indirect heat exchangers, Pick can cut energy costs up to 28%. Higher processing efficiency, lower energy costs and increased safety are but a few of the benefits.Pick's 3-A Sanitary Heater is a proven performer, too. Heat, cook or sterilize water or slurry-type products in-line with a non-shearing action.

Leaders in Processing
730 S. Indiana Ave.
PO Box 516
West Bend, WI 53095
United States

Pick Direct Steam Injection Heating Systems can be used to heat any water-miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantaneously where 30 PSI (2.1 BAR) or above steam pressure is available.

The heating chamber and internal injection tube of the Pick System is the performance difference between Pick and any other system.  Pick’s design prevents pressure equilibrium and automatically stabilizes steam injection pressure.  It eliminates shock, hammer, noise, vibration, with very minimal pressure drop and low sound level.

When you install a Pick DSI Heating System you’ll consistently have the liquid capacity and temperature you need. You’re always assured of a dependable heating system under a variety of operation conditions with a Pick Heater.

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