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CLEAN WATER TECHNOLOGY (CWT) has offices and partners in over 18 countries with over 900 installations since 1996. Founded by scientist and engineers, CWT’s flagship technology, the Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) System, is a unique flocculation and flotation technology that outperforms conventional dissolved air flotation (DAF) and clarification systems.

THE GEM SYSTEM - UNIQUE AND ROBUST: Rather than relying upon a random collision process, the GEM System offers a “managed” approach to solid/liquid separation through a series of hydro cyclones that vary in mixing speed, pressure and energy.

PROCESS GUARANTEES: CWT guarantees that the GEM® System, if operated according to CWT recommendations, will provide the highest removal efficiencies of total suspended solids (TSS), fats, oils and grease (FOG), and undissolved biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD) within the smallest available footprint.

EASY TO OWN AND OPERATE: FROM 5 - 3,000 GPM, CWT’s GEM® Systems can process a wide range of flows.

The GEM System provides immediate operational savings on surcharges, building costs, chemical usage and sludge hauling and disposal.

Buy, rent or ask for financing. CWT is your partner in wastewater treatment and is flexible in payment terms to helping you reach your goals.

TRAINING, SERVICE, CUSTOMER CARE: We are here for you, always. Reach out to us at: or visit us at Still here by phone: 310-380- 4648. 

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