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Columbia/Okura LLC

Vancouver, WA 98661

Company Overview

Columbia/Okura LLC designs, integrates, and commissions to provide the customer with the best value and solution for their applications. Each system is integrated and fully tested in our factory to your production specifications.

Columbia/Okura offers a range of products, from palletizing solutions like industrial and collaborative robots, to integrated bagging lines and system integration.

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:25
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, & South America
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

12 month limited warranty with the purchase of palletizing equipment on commissioned date or 6 months from shipment.

Service, support & spare parts:

Service is available 24/7. All of our service technicians are factory trained employees and ready to support during installation, start-ups or any retrofits on your Columbia/Okura equipment. We also have bi-lingual technicians available on request.


Let Columbia/Okura make you an expert. We have expanded our value-added customer-service program to include a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically for training, testing, and palletizing demonstrations. This new dedicated facility includes a fully operational robotic palletizing system, providing Columbia/Okura customers with hands-on training. The facility provides machine operators the experience to raise their "comfort levels" for working with the robotic palletizers in their own plants. Training is tailored to specific customer needs based on the products they produce and their Columbia/Okura robot. To meet each customers' needs, the facility includes an assortment of end-effectors, vacuum technology center, video-recording aids, teleconferencing capabilities, and a computer projection machine for group training. Columbia/Okura's customer-service program doesn't end at the facility, but continues through an on-line troubleshooting guide that provides fast and easy-to-use reference tips for specific production questions.

Other services:

Another important feature of Columbia/Okura's robotic palletizing demo facility is quick-turnaround palletizing demonstrations for prospective customers. An interested company can simply ship a pallet-load of product directly to the Columbia/Okura facility and receive a video of their product using robotic palletizing within a few days.

301 Grove Street
Vancouver, WA 98661


Columbia/Okura robotic palletizers are custom designed and commissioned to provide the customer with the best value and solution for their applications. Each system is integrated and fully tested in our factory to your production specifications. The system will not leave our factory until it’s met your requirements and approval specifications. Likewise, with our performance guarantee, we stand behind every system once it’s installed at your facility.

We’ve designed and commissioned many successful palletizing systems, handling a massive range of products across dozens of industries around the world. Whether it’s a small operations company or a multi-national corporation our team of experts will work with you to create a custom solution to fit your needs.

From bag palletizing systems in abusive and harsh environments to high speed, multi-robot, multi-picking case applications, Columbia/Okura has handled almost any type of product packaging in almost any application. Our systems are custom designed and tailored to your application needs. In the event you are unsure that robotic automation is right for your products, we maintain a dedicated multi-line robot cell for no obligation customer product demonstrations. Send us a pallet of materials and we’ll provide you with a digital video of the palletizing process.

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Key Contact
Michael Stuyvesant
Director of Sales & Marketing