Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy calls for reform

Group asking Congress to modernize US sugar program

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Comprised of small, family-owned businesses and manufacturers, retailers, food and beverage companies, trade associations, environmental advocates, taxpayer watchdog organizations, responsible government advocates, think tanks and other organizations, the Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy (AFSP) is working to modernize what it calls an “outdated and outrageous” US sugar program. The only subsidy program not revised in the past 80 years, the sugar program forces US manufacturers to pay twice as much for sugar as the rest of the world which, the alliance believes, puts American businesses at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to creating jobs.

The AFSP supports The Sugar Policy Modernization Act (H.R. 4265/S. 2086), which creates an adequate supply of sugar based on a reasonable competitive approach that reaches from the farm to the retail shelf, without risking an appropriate safety net for farmers. It is asking Congress “to do the right thing for American businesses and American workers” by passing the proposed act.

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