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FoodSafe Drains

Winnipeg, MB R3E 2J7

Company Overview

Durable, safe, easy-to-clean drainage systems, purpose built for the food and beverage industry.

Leaders in Processing
100 McPhillips St.
Winnipeg, MB R3E 2J7
Phone:(855) 497-7508 ext. 126

Your number one priority is cleanliness, which is why we build drainage systems that are sanitary and safe for all types of food production applications. Drains matter — they're the most used tools on your production floor. They see constant traffic, experience non-stop use, and require constant cleaning, no matter how busy things get.

Thankfully, we can help with drainage systems that stand up to the roughest wear, keep both your floor and products bacteria-free, and are easy to clean. Whatever your application, we have the custom drainage solutions to fit your unique needs.

- FoodSafe Slot Drain - People, equipment, and your products are constantly moving, and your floor needs to stay safe. That means you need drainage that is bacteria-resistant, durable, and easy to clean to sanitation standards — you need a Slot Drain system. Our Slot Drain systems are built to integrate into your existing workflow and equipment placement and feature no-niche designs that are easy to clean, with options to suit all applications.

- FoodSafe Trench Drain - When solid materials accumulate and plug a drain, it can create backups, which can cause accidents and delays in your workflow. With several design options to choose from, you can safely, quickly, and easily dispose of solids.

- FoodSafe Area Drain - Standing water can cause a multitude of issues in your facility, from bacterial accumulation to accidents, terrible odors, and worse. Our area drains can help make your facility more hygienic, safer, and can help reduce nasty odors. FoodSafe area drains also feature tamper-proof strainers, allowing you to protect your facility by ensuring that only designated employees can access them.

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