Radar sensor for liquids

Setting new standards with 80 GHz at ProFood Tech 2019.


VEGA is ushering in a new age of radar instrumentation: VEGAPULS 64 is the first radar level sensor for liquids that operates at a frequency of 80 GHz. The sensor was on display during ProFood Tech 2019.

This delivers enhanced focusing of the radar beam. This means this level sensor can deliver reliable measurements even in vessels with internal installations such as heating coils and agitators. The narrow radar beam avoids these obstacles altogether and buildup on the vessel wall has no effect on performance either.

The larger the dynamic range of a radar sensor, the wider its range of application and the higher its measurement certainty. This is where VEGAPULS 64 establishes a leading position in the world market. It is able to measure poorly reflective media with significantly better performance than previous radar sensors; for example, the sensor is able to measure poorly reflective liquids down virtually to the vessel bottom. Even with surface foam, extremely turbulent product surfaces, condensation or buildup on the antenna, VEGAPULS 64 maintains its accuracy and reliability, according to the company.

With the smallest antenna of its kind, VEGAPULS 64 is unbeatable for use in small storage or process vessels. Its versatility also makes it ideal for general use across widely different industrial sectors.

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