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Providing sanitary industrial food cutting solutions to companies of all sizes, to ensure low maintenance and maximum profitability. Contact us: we can run trials at one of our Client Centers at no charge, to help you achieve the perfect cut.

Deville hygienic industrial food cutting solutions.

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Canada: 8515 Henri Bourassa Blvd., West • Montreal, QC, H4S 1P7
USA: 8911 58th Place Kenosha WI, USA 53144
Toll Free:1-866-404-4545

Deville Technologies combines its extensive years of experience with an innovative mindset to supply state-of-the-art hygienic food cutting solutions to clients worldwide. 

We are committed to manufacturing equipment that provides increased uptime and yield without compromising cut quality and hygiene.  Our consultive approach remains constant - no matter the size of the company. We work with companies ranging from Fortune 500 members to small entrepreneurs requiring sanitary, durable, practical, and efficient food cutting equipment. Deville's cutting-edge technology coupled with traditional craftsmanship, quality materials and hygienic principles, allow us to deliver cutting solutions that provide high performance with low maintenance. 

Deville has two state-of-the-art Client Centers so that clients may run trials with our equipment without incurring the cost of halted operations. Our detailed trial reports provide the necessary data to review cut quality, options and gain an understanding of the impact our sanitary cutting equipment will have on their business; all of which assist informed investment decisions. 

Our technical experts are always available to meet our client’s needs; whether it be to provide telephone-based support, a customized engineering solution to solve a specific challenge, or to schedule an on-site visit to assist with expansion planning. We have an inventory of genuine parts for our equipment readily available; because we understand the cost of recurring labor for replacing parts can quickly consume a maintenance budget.

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Anna Cappello
Vice President, Marketing