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We deliver a wide range of solutions for foreign body protection and regulatory compliance. Systems range from economical to sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems with customized material handling backed by the most comprehensive engineering solutions and 24/7 support.

Inline inspection systems for food and pharmaceutical bulk and packaged products.

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:30+
Number of employees:8,000+
Geographic sales distribution:North America
Sales Channel:Distributors
Service, support & spare parts:

Largest field based service technician network in the industry with 24/7 telephone support.


Operator, champion, and maintenance training is available at the customer's facility or Mettler-Toledo facility.

Other services:

In-house custom engineering and fabrication.

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Tampa, FL 33634-3009
United States

METTLER TOLEDO is the world's largest manufacturer of metal detectors, checkweighers, and X-ray inspection equipment, delivering a wide range of solutions for foreign body protection, regulatory compliance, and improved profits. Systems range from economical to state-of-the-art with customized material handling solutions.

Safeline metal detectors automatically reject all types of metal contaminants, including the most difficult to detect stainless steel. Systems are offered for dry, bulk, packaged, liquid or frozen products for gravity feed, conveyorized, pumped and throat applications. Safeline x-ray inspection systems use high-performance image processing to detect and reject all types of dense physical contaminants, as well as measure mass, check for missing or broken product, and confirm fill levels to guarantee product and package integrity. The use of these systems in your food safety program can help you prove due diligence and pass regulatory audits.

Hi-Speed checkweighers deliver productivity and profits. A wide range of sizes and configurations are available to handle nearly any container type or package design even at high production rates to ensure accurate product delivery, reduced giveaway, and an optimized production processes. Patented weighing technology and over 50 years of package handling expertise ensures repeatable performance from the first to the last package weighed maintaining tight production tolerances.

As a member of OMAC, METTLER TOLEDO is committed to connectivity and data storage and retrieval to help meet regulatory requirements. Inspection systems can be connected using a variety of methods, including our own ProdX data collection and management software.

METTLER TOLEDO inspection systems are backed by the most comprehensive engineering solutions, product testing, and training in the industry with nationwide customer service and 24 hour telephone support .

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