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Level and pressure instrumentation for the process industry. VEGA is a global manufacturer of sensors for measuring level, point level, pressure as well as devices and software integrating them into process control systems.

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For more than 60 years, VEGA Americas, Inc. has been providing industry-leading products for the measurement of level and pressure. VEGA’s full product line of level and pressure measurement instrumentation allows us to provide one of the most complete ranges of measurement solutions in the industry.

VEGA believes the future of instrumentation lies in the ability to produce high-quality, innovative products that keep pace with technology, and provide service and value to our customers in today’s competitive environment. Using radar, pressure, differential pressure, electronic differential pressure, and point level switches, VEGA has helped food and beverage operations of all sizes improve their processes to compete in today’s food and beverage markets and keep pace with consumer’s ever-changing tastes. Our solutions have helped make more batches, maintain inventory of raw ingredients, and save energy.

Through constant innovation, VEGA has become the market leader in radar level measurement instrumentation, pioneering the first two-wire radar in 1997. In 2015, they unveiled the first 80 GHz radar – the VEGAPULS 69 – specifically designed for solids   level measurements. Two years later, they released the 80 GHz liquids level radar, the VEGAPULS 64. In 2020, VEGA added five new series of level and pressure measurement sensors and controllers, solidifying their place as a complete supplier of level, point level, and pressure measurement instrumentation providers.  Most recently VEGA launched the 6X, a radar sensor that doesn’t care if it's measuring liquids or bulk solids. With VEGAPULS 6X you get a sensor that can handle any application, no matter if the medium to be measured is liquid, solid, hot, cold, hazardous or corrosive.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, VEGA Americas combines manufacturing, distribution, and service for products that represent the most sophisticated process measurement technologies anywhere in the world. VEGA Americas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VEGA Grieshaber KG in Schiltach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A family-owned company, VEGA employs over 1,500 people worldwide, 400+ of which are with VEGA Americas.

VEGA understands the benefit of investing in community and employees, because it’s people who make the difference in achieving success. 

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