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Macon, GA 31210

Company Overview

Verder has more available pumping technologies than any other sanitary pump manufacturer in the world.

Verder Hygienic Pumps manufactures and markets the most complete line of sanitary pumps available in the U.S. market. The portfolio includes 3A centrifugal, 3A rotary lobe, 3A twin screw, 3A air operated double diaphragm, 3A electrically operated double diaphragm, and a complete line of hygienic peristaltic pumps.  This portfolio also includes some mixing products as well as specialty pumps for high pressures, high flows, and challenging applications including over-sized particulate (fruits & vegetables) and hot frying oil.  This portfolio is supported by experienced application engineers and service personnel stationed at our corporate facilities outside of Atlanta, GA.

Leaders in Processing
Years in business:62 + years in business
Number of employees:1,800+ globally
Geographic sales distribution:Global
Sales Channel:Multiple
312 Corporate Parkway
Macon, GA 31210
United States of America
Toll Free:877-783-7333

Verder Inc. consists of a worldwide network of production and distribution companies.

Verder Hygienic Pumps manufactures and markets sanitary pumps represented by our 3

key brands:

Packo Pumps is known globally for the most complete line of hygienic electro-polished

centrifugal pumps for low flows and increased capacities as high as 7,900 GPM. JEC

Pumps, a brand known for 3A lobe and twin-screw pumps, was recently rebranded as

Packo thus adding to the existing 3A / EHEDG centrifugal pump line.

Verderflex is our brand representing the complete line of hygienic peristaltic pumps. These

pumps can process and dose small flows under a gallon per minute to flows exceeding 350


Verderair is our brand of air-operated double diaphragm and electrically operated double

diaphragm pumps, including our recently launched 3A AODD / EODD line.

Verder Inc. is quickly gaining a reputation as the reliable option for 3A centrifugal, rotary

lobe, and twin-screw pumps in the U.S. market. More recently, Packo specialty pumps are

providing solutions for unique pumping applications at several processors. Challenging

applications like pumping: hot frying oil (electro-polished IMO pump), whole fruits and

vegetables and other large particulate (VPCP), high flows for filtration systems etc. (MFP3),

large flow cheese curd (3 gal. plus per revolution ZL560), and products to be mixed

(patented SFP3 in-line shear mixer).  There is a Verder hygienic pump for every fluid application at any processor.

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