Domino introduces the Food Processing Advisory Council (FPAC)

In an effort to better comprehend the challenges their customers face and create a place for open dialogue, Domino has created the FPAC.

Domino created the FPAC to foster dialogue and better understand the challenges of the industry.
Domino created the FPAC to foster dialogue and better understand the challenges of the industry.

The Domino team has long recognized that, within the food sector, manufacturing is evolving at an accelerated rate. And believe it’s important to be a part of the conversation from a purely collaborative perspective. The idea is simply to foster the dialogue and gain a better understanding the challenges our customers face. With that goal in mind, Domino sought out key customers and partners to pilot a small, intimate advisory council to help guide those discussions.

The first event took place on August 17 with a select group of knowledgeable and passionate individuals within and supporting the food sector. The event was a panel discussion focused on the topics beginning with what Industry 4.0 means to each, and on through to Human Errors in Packaging. The event was videotaped and will be showcased in a future on-demand webcast.

“Domino has continued to increase awareness of the technological improvements that incorporate new concepts like Industry 4.0 through thought leadership conferences, organizational memberships, and video publications. We’re working to bring the discussion to the forefront and address questions and problems that many industries face in terms of increased production line visibility and reduced errors. FPAC is an important part of that effort.” said Director of Coding Automation, Adem Kulauzovic. “The intent was to start out with an intimate group of reputable professionals and expand it over time as the dialogue warrants. We invite anyone who has interest in being a part of the discussions to reach out.”

A special nod of thanks for the expertise and time given by the following FPAC members:

• Yanik Beaulieu, Technology Leader with Optel
• Bill Dye, Corporate Operations/ Engineering Manager, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
• Tom Egan, Vice President of Industry Services, PMMI
• Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Coding Automation, Domino
• Robert B. Trask, PE, Senior Systems Architect with Beckoff

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