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Van der Graaf

Shelby Township, MI
Product Summary: One component conveyor drive where all moving parts are enclosed inside the drum.
Learn more about the versatile drum motor design for driving belt conveyor systems, backed by our customer service, after sale service and warranty & repair teams. Our drum motors are made in the USA for quality and shorter lead times.
51515 Celeste
Shelby Township, MI 48315
Country: United States
Phone: 905/793-8100
Improve Efficiency and Plant Safety with Van der Graaf Drum Motors For the past 33 years Van der Graaf have been designing and manufacturing a technological advanced conveyor drive, known as the drum motor. The high efficiency drum motor is virtually maintenance-free, doesn’t require extra space outside of the conveyor frame, saves energy and eliminates the use of outside components like; motor, gearbox, chain sprockets and chain guards, along with other components that can be hazardous to operator safety. A standard belt conveyor design consists of a head roller that drives the belt, 2 pillow block bearings, sprockets, chain and chain guard, electric motor and gear reducer. Other conveyor designs, may have the gear reducer mounted directly on the shaft of the head roller. Both designs require the motor and gear reducer to be outside of the conveyor frame which requires extra real estate to accommodate the drive components and in some cases, impedes on the safety of people working around the conveyor. The Van der Graaf drum motor is a conveyor drive that does not have externally mounted motor, gear reducer, pillow block bearings, sprockets, chain or chain guard. The drum motor is a single component conveyor drive. The electric motor and gear reducer are located inside the drum along with the bearings. The assembly is hermetically sealed and all components are working in an oil bath, for extra-long life, with only a recommended oil change every 50,000 hrs. The drum motor design has the electric motor shaft in-line with the input pinion of the coaxial or planetary gear reducer minimizing mechanical losses, rather than using a 90 degrees gear reducer. The in-line design drum motor has a 96% mechanical efficiency. All our electric motors are encapsulated by a state-of-the-art vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) process, increasing the longevity of the electric motor. The Van der Graaf Drum Motor is the Smart Choice for Powering Belt Conveyors Powering a belt conveyor with the high efficiency, maintenance-free Van der Graaf drum motor yields numerous benefits, including; low cost of ownership, operator safety, and a more streamlined conveyor design. All drum motor components are manufactures in-house in USA and Canada ensuring quality control and fast delivery.
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