Tetra Pak pioneers new generation of digital technologies to boost efficiency for customers

The technology and service solutions offer remote monitoring, faster issue resolution and ability to predict equipment errors for maximum productivity.

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Tetra Pak is changing the way it delivers services to customers through the use of a new technology. Powered by Microsoft, the digital solutions help boost manufacturers’ efficiency, cut costs, and ensure food safety.

Through one of these new technologies, the Microsoft HoloLens, Tetra Pak is improving its issues diagnosis and resolution service to reduce machine downtime and productivity loss while securing quick resolution of quality issues for its customers. Armed with HoloLens Mixed Reality (MR) smart glasses, Tetra Pak on-site service engineers are now able to work “alongside” the company’s global experts specialized in the problem they are trying to resolve. This means that a service engineer can connect with the right expert, who then sees and hears everything in real time, and guides the on-site work even when a machine is thousands of miles away. Tetra Pak is piloting the service in 2017 with 50 HoloLens devices and plans to expand further next year.

Another innovation, the Condition Monitoring service, taps into performance data from more than 5,000 connected filling machines around the world to help food and beverage manufacturers prevent machine failures before they occur. Using the power of Microsoft Azure, Tetra Pak specialists can identify deviations and advise customers on their maintenance needs in a more timely and effective way. The new service removes the need for a standardized maintenance process while reducing machine down-time and lowering costs related to maintenance or unexpected failures. Tetra Pak started a six-month trial in February 2016, supporting 17 customer lines with the new service, including 2 in Mexico and 1 in Argentina. During this period, downtime was eliminated by up to 48 hours for each line. 

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