Progressing Cavity Pump

The Netzsch Nemo BO open hopper progressing cavity pump is suitable for a wide range of beverage and food applications.

Netzsch Nemo Bo Open Hopper Progressing Cavity Pump

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The Netzsch Nemo BO open hopper progressing cavity pump is engineered to handle viscous to non-free-flowing product with and without solids.

The housing of the pump is designed with an enlarged rectangular hopper, force-feed chamber, and integrated feeding screw in the hopper. Continuous low-pulsation conveyance is unaffected by fluctuations in the pressure and viscosity.

The versatile, high-performance pump provides pressure-stable, gentle pumping of a variety of media. Since the shape of the cavities is always constant, the pumped product is not compressed. The pump can, therefore, convey not only fluids but also solids.

The pump is available with conveying elements in four rotor/stator geometries, so that each one is precisely tuned to the requirements of the application to deliver optimum performance, service life, and reliability. Except for the rotor and stator, all other components are identical. This means that if the flow rate or pressure of the pump is changed after installation, it can be adapted to the new operating conditions by simply replacing the rotor and stator.

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