Unibloc Debuts New Pumps at PACK EXPO International

Unibloc's FoodFirst pumps are now available in multiple sizes for different food processing applications. The company also rolled out new double-diaphragm pumps with one-nut disassembly.

Food processing pumps different sizes Unibloc
The new range of sizes for Unibloc's FoodFirst pumps.
Michael Costa

New at PACK EXPO International is Unibloc's multi-size line of QuickStrip FoodFirst pumps, which now range from the QS FF 300 to the QS FF 677, featuring 1.0 inch to 6.0 inch outlet sizes and flow rates from 28 gallons per minute up to 500 gallons per minute, depending on the model size. All QS FF pumps feature Unibloc's patented CIP features with tool-free disassembly.

"The largest version of our FoodFirst pumps was originally made for meat and poultry. But over time we realized there's more than just those markets that can use this technology, so we expanded across the product line with different sizes, and our customers love it," says Mark Boyd, VP of sales, Unibloc.

Also new at PACK EXPO International from Unibloc is the company's Flotronic Air Operated Double Diaphragm One-Nut Pump. The stainless steel pump's unique design allows for disassembly and cleaning in a fraction of the time it takes to do the same with a standard pump--from an hour or more down to just minutes--significantly reducing downtime.

Double diaphragm pump FlotronicA Flotronic AODD One-Nut Pump, before disassembly for CIP.Michael Costa

"It's the only air-operated double diaphragm pump in the world where you can use CIP rig," explains Leighton Jones, director of sales at Unibloc. "We added a reinforced backing plate, and that supports the diaphragm when you put in the CIP pressure. It's so unique that most engineers don't even know it can be done. So one of the big things is to educate engineers so they can spec this double diaphragm pump on a CIP application." double diaphragm pump FlotronicA disassembled Flotronic AODD One-Nut Pump.Michael Costa

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