Sinusoidal Pumps

MasoSine Certa Sine sinusoidal pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions provide long maintenance intervals for low-cost ownership.

Watson Marlow Maso Sine Certa Sine Pump

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Using an advanced sinusoidal design, Certa Sine pumps enable a gentle pumping action for highly viscous fluids. Created specifically for food and beverages, Certa process pumps come with 3-A and FDA certifications and are built to the EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I standard.

Certa Sine pumps offer a maximum flow rate of 1,124 gpm under maximum operating pressures of 217 psi while ensuring a smooth product flow. The low-shear, pulse-free movement of the pumps ensures CO2 levels inside the fluid remain at optimal levels at all times.

The pumps also can handle fluids with suspended particles ranging from ½ to 4 in. in size, and come with dry running and self-priming features.

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