Rotary Valves

Gericke HDMF Series non-stick, USDA-certified rotary valves promote smooth milk powder processing.

Gericke Rota Safe Valve

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Gericke USDA-certified rotary valves feature stainless-steel internals polished to a smooth surface roughness of Ra 0.8 µm or better to prevent sticky products and ingredients from sticking to the valve interior. Suitable for processing spray-dried milk powders, coagulated milk proteins, and other sticky dairy products, the HDMF Series rotary valves promote non-stop powder transfer in a proprietary design that prevents the formation of high-friction dead zones. The potential to trap product inside and harbor bacteria is eliminated, along with concern for contamination.

Able to safely transfer powdered infant formula for global dairy product manufacturers, the sanitary HDMF Series valves are available in six sizes and dozens of configurations as standard and may be custom-engineered to accommodate any throughput requirements. The valves offer ready access to the interior for complete cleaning without removing the rotor or using special tools and disassemble easily for wear part maintenance. 

The hygienic valves are also available in an ATEX-certified design to meet explosion-proof requirements.

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