Vacuum Pump

The Busch R5 RA 0520 A rotary vane vacuum pump features a compact and hygienic design, reduces heat emissions, and enables faster, easier maintenance.

Busch R5 Ra 0520 Pump

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The Busch R5 RA 0520 A rotary vane vacuum pump has a completely redesigned interior. Compared to the previous generation, the R5 RA 0520 A has a 20% smaller footprint and is 25% lower in height. The absence of external piping improves leak tightness.

The compact, hygienic design features surfaces that repel water and dirt. The total number of spare parts has been reduced by 40%, making maintenance fast and efficient, with all service-related parts located on one side. Heat emissions have also been decreased through an improved cooling system that combines optimal pump operating temperature with compact construction.

The new vacuum pump is made for continuous operation in the rough vacuum range with vacuum levels down to 0.1 hPa (mbar). It is also available with Ecotorque, the Busch variable speed drive (VSD), that enables the pumping speed to be adapted to the exact requirements of any process. As a result, additional energy savings of up to 50% and a 20% increase in pumping speed can be achieved. The accessory extends the supply voltage range supported by the vacuum pump, making it suitable for use in almost all countries around the world. The solution is also available as a retrofit.

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