Coriolis Flowmeter Series Enhanced

ABB's FCB400 CoriolisMaster mass flowmeter family features self-configuration, on-board verification & diagnostics, built-in batch control, and more.

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A new standard electronics platform offers users up to five configurable communication outputs via optional plug-in modules. With new SensorApplicationMemory the flowmeter saves all calibration data, user-configuration data and totalizers, which are linked to the sensor in a non-detachable way. This ensures safe data synchronization during maintenance, as when the transmitter is replaced. Application-specific software packages expand the range of uses: In filling processes a "FillMass" function directly controls the downstream valve via a special digital output. "DensiMass" uses predefined characteristics of such liquids as alcohols and sugar or starch solutions, enabling the precise determination of mixture concentrations via high-precision density measurement. The packages can determine the net mass or volume flow rate as well. "VeriMass" performs continuous self-diagnostics without removing the device or interrupting the measurement. The flowmeter model is optionally available in a hygienic design - the FCH400 flowmeter - for applications in the food and beverage industry.

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