Dicer meets challenges of difficult-to-cut products

Upgraded model improves yield

Affinity Integra Dicer from Urschel
Affinity Integra Dicer from Urschel

The Affinity Integra Dicer from Urschel is a smaller version of its Affinity Dicer. The Integra can handle difficult-to-cut applications such as cheese or soft meats, meats with high-fat content, cold temperature products, sticky bakery ingredients, or products like brined pickles, and achieve high yields of precise cut sizes. Compared to Urschel's standard model RA-HD machine, the new dicer accepts a larger infeed product size, has a larger impeller case, and can potentially deliver a 20 percent increase in yield. When compared to Urschel's standard model RA-A, it can potentially increase yield by 50 percent.


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