Global flexible packaging market growth

The global flexible packaging market is growing faster than rigid packaging, with stand-up pouches driving flexible snack packaging developments.

Flexible Packaging
Flexible Packaging

According to a new report by PMMI Business Intelligence, the U.S. flexible packaging market was valued at approximately $24 billion in 2016. The global market was valued at $98 billion, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2 percent between 2017 and 2022. While the global flexible market is still smaller than global rigid, it is growing at a faster rate.

Flexible packaging has benefits such as being better suited for printing - making it a great marketing tool; having a lower space footprint than similar rigid packages; and, providing a longer shelf life if multi-layered films are used.

According to one packaging manager at a tortilla chip co-packer, growth of “unique types of flexible packages” has been pronounced in recent years, including a stand-up pouch explosion (especially the zippered kind).

According to an OEM case study, there is a move from bag in-box (BIB) to bag, with benefits such as cost savings, efficient/sustainable material usage and machinery savings (no need for a cartoner). One example is Ritz Toasted Chips.

Food segments that are traditionally BIB (e.g. cereals) are making this transition, especially for high-end products like granola cereals. For snacks, the transition has started with crackers (other categories to follow).

To meet these changes, demand for flexible vertical form/fill/seal machines will be high in the coming years, as CPGs like the smaller footprint and the associated space-saving. However, VFFS machines must improve in terms of flexibility; as respondents feel that currently they do not run stand-up pouches well enough - zippered or unzippered.

Source: PMMI Business Intelligence “Snack Foods – Packaging and Processing Market Assessment and Trends 2018”

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