Flexible, zippered deli meat pouch reduces product footprint in two ways

Lunchmeat maker incorporates new zipper technology for 1-lb packs. Flexible pouch provides efficient footprint, while zipper reduces spoilage—another green advantage.

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As part of company commitment, third-generation family-owned business Land O’Frost, Lansing, IL, says that it is dedicated to continually improving its product offerings and constantly searching for new products to meet the needs of its consumers, and that extends to its packaging as well. In the early 90s, the packaged lunchmeat company was the first in the distribution category to incorporate resealable packaging into its lineup.

Last summer, Land O’Frost’s further innovated its packaging with the addition of the ZIP-PAK® DoubleZip™ press-to-close solution for its Premium, Deli Shaved, Canadian Bacon, Bistro Favorites, and Sub Sandwich Kit product lines.

Says Land O’Frost vice president of marketing Stephan Williams, “Incorporating the DoubleZip for such a large portion of meat, particularly our one-pound Premium line, was an ideal way to decrease the carbon footprint of our packaging, while reducing food waste. This satisfies our consumers, as they are more concerned with the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions than ever before.”

To assess the environmental impact of both resealable flexible pouches and rigid polypropylene tub alternatives, Zip -Pak recently commissioned a study from an independent research firm. The study found that deli meat pouches had significantly lower energy consumption, solid waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions than the rigid tub alternative.

The zipper closure also is said to promote sustainability in another way: The DoubleZip reduces product exposure to oxygen and other environmental contaminants that lead to food spoilage, helping to ensure the deli meat maintains maximum freshness throughout the final use. Maintaining freshness ultimately contributes to sustainability by reducing food waste, notes Zip-Pak.

Along with sustainability, the DoubleZip provides added convenience, with two sets of interlocking profiles that are ergonomically designed to guide consumers’ fingers along a path when closing a package, ensuring complete closure.

“There is no guesswork involved with the DoubleZip. You can feel the seal securely close every time,” says Williams. “We see the DoubleZip as the next evolution in convenience.”

This added convenience is easily recognizable to the consumer, as each package of Land O’Frost’s Sub Sandwich Kits prominently displays the text “New Zip-Pak DoubleZip” and a logo.

“Since incorporating the DoubleZip, we have seen tremendous consumer interest, and we expect this to further build brand loyalty for Land O’Frost,” concludes Williams.


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