A bold new design for Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Mondelez’ Cadbury Hot Chocolate portfolio gets a makeover that helps reinvigorate the brand’s legendary status, while making it easier for consumers to navigate the brand on shelf.

Pw 68723 Highlights Range

International brand design agency Bulletproof has given the Cadbury Hot Chocolate portfolio a complete makeover with a contemporary new identity and iconic packaging design, returning the “magic” to the brand, says the agency. Brand owner Mondeléz International awarded the project to bulletproof in December 2012.

According to Bulletproof, with the existing design, the brand’s rich heritage and iconic stature weren’t delivered through its packaging other than through the dominance of purple, and it lacked modernity and relevance. It was also difficult for consumers to navigate the range, as there was little or no differentiation between variants.

Comments the Bulletproof Account Management Team, “Cadbury chocolate needs no introduction. Its iconic status is well established in confectionery and yet somehow, it didn’t have a design to reflect its leadership in the hot beverages isle. From the outset we knew that our concept had to regain its legendary status by using the equities that only Cadbury can own. We also added a little touch of Cadbury magic to raise a smile in the mind of the consumer and reconnect with them on an emotional level.”

Bulletproof was briefed to develop the optimal Cadbury Hot Chocolate brand architecture to drive differentiation and shake up the category, while future-proofing the range to improve cross-range shoppability and accommodate future line extensions and new product development with ease.

Before any design work began, the agency undertook extensive category analysis focusing on the specifics of each product within the range—Drinking Chocolate, Instant Chocolate, and Highlights—to understand the different rituals, consumer personalities, and needstates.

Maintaining a balanced portfolio approach, Bulletproof created a bold, cohesive design that heroes the much-loved Cadbury brand marque while injecting Cadbury joy and personality and a little sprinkle of magic. According to Bulletproof, it’s iconically Cadbury from every angle. Each variant also features a consumer-relevant, appropriately unique character.

“Working with such an iconic heritage brand is a real privilege,” says the Bulletproof Account Management Team. “We wanted to enable the brand to recapture its iconic status and at the same time inject a level of modernity to ensure the Cadbury Hot Chocolate offer stayed relevant to today’s consumers. Strong brand and design strategy and our understanding of consumers and the marketscape enabled us to deliver a bold and confident design deserving of a market leader brand.

“We feel that not only have we created a beautiful design with incredible shelf presence and confidence, but we've also revived an icon that will be around for generations to come.”

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