Top five trends in food and beverage packaging

The U.S. food packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% from $23.9B in 2012 to $31.7B in 2022.

Pfw 2660 Food Packaging Trends

Here are the top five trends in food and beverage packaging according to PMMI's Food Packaging Trends Report.

1. Sustainability

• 80% of respondents are interested in biodegradables, yet few believe the material is ready for them. 

2. Flexibles

• Respondents note the use of plastic overall has grown 8% since 2012 and bags & pouches have grown 3.5%.

3. Convenience

• Growth in convenient packaging types, such as single-serve and on-the-go packs.

4. Food Safety

• Consumers are tuned into food safety, looking for clear and clean packaging that leaves the food product visible.

• Companies have adapted to tighter regulations, redesigning labels with clearer messaging.

5. Technology

• Respondents believe ROI on robotics is now at hand.

• Active/smart packaging can indicate when a product passes its expiration date, supporting food safety efforts.

• Interactive packaging with “media” – QSR codes and SnapTags – added to packaging can enhance consumer engagement. 


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