New FDA guides explain exemptions to FSMA

Low-acid canned foods, juice and seafood are exempt from certain FSMA rules.

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If you are a food or beverage manufacturer covered by FDA’s regulations for low-acid canned foods, juice HACCP or seafood HACCP, how does the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) affect you? To answer that question, FDA has published three guides to help these food and beverage producers understand how the FSMA rules apply to them and affect their operations.

FSMA recognizes that FDA had already established regulations that are specific to seafood, juice and low-acid canned food long before FSMA went into effect. Therefore, FSMA has some exemptions for these products. However, these products must still comply with some FSMA requirements.

The new FDA guides identify these exemptions as well as the FSMA requirements that seafood, juice and low-acid canned food producers must abide by. Here are the FDA guides for each industry: