TOMRA sorting machine improves yields and product quality

The TOMRA 5B reduces false rejects and allows for precise removal of defective products, minimizing product waste.


TOMRA Sorting Solutions showcased the TOMRA 5B food sorting machine at PACK EXPO International 2018, highlighting the machine’s ability to improve yields and product quality with minimal product waste and maximum uptime.

Intended for sorting vegetables such as green beans, leafy greens and corn as well potato products such as French fries and potato chips, the TOMRA 5B combines TOMRA’s smart surround view technology with 360-degree inspection. The technology features high-resolution cameras and high-intensity LEDs for optimal product appearance. These features reduce false rejection rates and improve product quality by identifying each object, which in turn improves detection of color, shape and foreign materials.

The TOMRA 5B’s customized high-speed, small-pitch TOMRA ejector valves allow for precise removal of defective products with minimal final product waste at a rate three times faster than TOMRA’s previous valves. The ejector valves are designed for both wet and dry conditions.
In addition, the sorter has a belt speed rate of up to 5 meters per second, responding to increased capacity demands.

TOMRA designed the TOMRA 5B with enhanced sanitation features that are in accordance with the latest food hygiene standards and specifications. It has a fast and efficient cleaning process, which results in fewer unreachable areas and a lower risk of waste material build-up, maximizing the machine’s uptime.

The TOMRA 5B is also equipped with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface called TOMRA ACT. It generates on-screen performance feedback on production quality and safety. The settings and data are application driven, providing processors with an easy way to set the machine and peace of mind by delivering clear data on the sorting process. This in turn allows the further optimization of other processes in the plant. The on-screen performance feedback not only allows processors to intervene quickly, if necessary, but also ensures that the sorting machine is operating at optimal capacity. The user interface was recognized at the 2016 International Design Excellence Awards with a silver medal in the digital design category.

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