Vacuum Gripping System

Piab’s piSAFE program enables new benefits in applications where safety, flexibility, speed, and performance are key. The solutions in the program are developed to provide configurable and low-weight products that can be adapted to specific needs.

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Pi Safe Pr

While maintaining market leading vacuum performance thorough vacuum solutions manufacturer Piab’s patented COAX® technology, the flexible design and ease of maintenance makes it a perfect choice for challenging robotic applications and ergonomic handling devices where safety is a key concern. Whether you want a centralized or decentralized vacuum gripping system, interfaces towards common (industrial standard) EOAT systems or stand-alone mounting, the piSAFE® program provides a high vacuum safety and high performing configuration specified for you.

piSAFE® program key benefits:

• Vacuum safety non-return valve (check valve) which holds vacuum in sealed applications in case of a system or power failure

• Available configurations suitable for both centralized and decentralized vacuum systems

• Can replace more expensive mechanical or vacuum-tank safety arrangements in robotic tools and ergonomic equipment

• Suitable in robotic applications where high demand of safety is required

• Suitable for ergonomic lifting devices/manipulators and cranes which must comply with lifting norms such as (DIN/SS) – EN 13155 and ASME Standard B30.20

• Through the energy saving features, the noise level is reduced as well as the carbon footprint

• Air consumption is reduced up to 98% per cycle

• Light-weight materials lower the weight for EOAT and ensure less wear on robotic motors and drive with a possibility for increased speed/acceleration or a smaller, cheaper robot

piSAFE® program key features:

• Configurable with vacuum ejectors based on COAX® technology with integrated control functions for energy-saving and release

• Vacuum sensing port included for easy installation of good-to-go switch

• Configurable with different types of release functions supporting maximum release speed and air-consumption free release

• Configurable with multiple mounting options

• The modular design facilitates opportunities for easy maintenance, quick connect options and is fit for application configurations

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