General Mills Discusses Pivoting To Virtual Startups in this Seven-Minute Video

Safety first during Covid-19 for General Mills. Engineers Mariah Bohks and Jimmy Popp discuss pivoting to remote startups.

General Mills' engineers Mariah Bohks and Jimmy Popp discuss virtual startups since Covid-19.  Watch this seven-minute video discussion with OEM's Natalie Craig.

"Being on-site will still be a priority."  PACK EXPO Connects dedicated a whole hour to remote access and virtual FATs.  See Thursday's Jumpstart Program here.

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Septimatech designs and manufactures innovative, precision engineered changeover solutions that provide repeatable, accurate, intuitive changeovers and improve container handling and performance.  

Products include:

  • Feed Screws / Timing Screws for in-feed, dwell, turning, tilting, combining, diverging, grouping, rotate,
  • Quick Change Parts for rotary or inline machines
  • Change Parts Carts & Storage Units
  • Feedscrew Drive Units to index, de-nest, meter and collate to increase machine bottle handling capabilities 
  • Bottle Reject Units
  • Cap Chucks, Chutes, Sorter Stars
  • Adjustable Guide Rails / Side Guides
  • Adjustable Case Packer Lane Guides

MG America, a subsidiary of MG 2 (Bologna, Italy), is a supplier of packaging and processing machinery to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetic, food, and general packaging industries located throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Machinery includes case packers, cartoners, thermoforming machines, blister packaging machines, sachet packaging machines, tube filling machines, aseptic filling lines, powder microdosing, washing machines, palletizers, inspection systems and syringe assembly machines and capsule filling machinery.

Enercon induction cap sealers create hermetic seals that prevent leaks, preserve freshness, and provide tamper evidence. Our cap sealing technology is used for all sorts of applications such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, beverage, dairy, chemical, agricultural, oil, petroleum, cosmetic, health, & beauty industry packages maximizing productivity and flexibility for contract packagers and dedicated packaging lines


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Special Report: Essential tools for effective sanitation