Beyond Meat Continues New Product Rollout With Reformulated Sausages

Beyond’s plant-based meat recipes were simplified this year to reduce saturated fat and use healthier oils than earlier versions.

New Beyond Sausage Avocado Oil
Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is expanding its revamped product line—what the company calls its Beyond IV, or fourth generation—with the introduction of Beyond Brats and Hot Italian-Style sausages to grocery and retail outlets nationwide.

Earlier this year, Beyond announced a move toward cleaner labels, highlighted by adding avocado oil instead of coconut and canola oils, which reduces the amount of saturated fat in Beyond’s products. The company says a fourth-generation Beyond sausage link has 2g of saturated fat per link, which is 75% less than traditional pork sausage. Beyond IV sausages also contain 17g of protein per serving.

   Plant-based bacon that relies on mycelium to replicate meaty texture.

Beyond’s reformulation was made while consulting the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association for nutrition guidelines. The Beyond IV products—which now include plant-based versions of sausages, burgers, ground beef, and steak—have been certified by both organizations.

“From classic sausage, peppers and onions, to the perfect protein-topper for pastas, salads and more, these juicy sausages grill gorgeously and sear super well thanks to the addition of avocado oil,” says Diana Stavaridis, senior culinary manager, Beyond Meat.

Retail packages of Beyond’s latest products are different from previous iterations to catch the attention of consumers and visually announce the change, adding a gold background beneath the company’s signature green logo.

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