Demo Shows Four Ways to Optimize Food Safety

Metal detectors catch contaminants at any stage of production.

Fortress 1
Fortress 1

Show Daily Exclusive - For every food or packaging inspection scenario there is a highly sensitive metal detection option. Demo at Fortress Technology (Booth S-2169) shows four application formats: horizontal conveyor, multi-lane, gravity and pipeline, all integrated with Fortress’ cutting-edge software and ancillary equipment.

Test samples pass through the company’s interactive four-sided demonstration unit.

Station one is the first public presentation of the breakthrough, space-saving, triple-lane, multi-aperture metal detector range featuring contact data software and a mobile App for remote examination. Comprising a single Stealth metal detector mounted across three conveyor lines, each dedicated aperture measures 175mm x 75mm, which is more sensitive to smaller metal particles, detecting all metal types down to 0.7mm ferrous, 0.7mm nonferrous and 1.4mm stainless steel. This multi-lane system also optimizes floor space, reducing equipment footprint by more than 50%. Replacing three standalone units with one system improves total cost of ownership 65%.

Station two features a Stealth pipeline metal detector. Predominantly used to inspect products in liquid form, including sausages and pate, as well as pumped dairy, condiments, sauces and pet food, the demo shows how pipelines offer food manufacturers a USDA-certified, easy-washdown system to improve sanitation and reduce cross contamination.

Station three, an incline-feed Stealth gravity metal detector, is designed for inline inspection of dry, powder or granular products gravity-fed from processing machines at high volumes and ensures compliance with stringent hazard analysis and critical control points regulations.

Station four, a horizontal Interceptor conveyor system, increases food safety on wet and conductive product lines, including bakery, cereals, meat and dairy. This Interceptor range overcomes the longstanding issue of product effect, increasing detection sensitivity up to 100% for stainless steel and helping eliminate false rejects.

Alongside this four-sided system, Fortress demonstrates how its Halo 2 automatic testing system offers a failsafe, cost-effective way to periodically check metal detector performance and strengthen manufacturing due diligence. Using a demonstration program running on a laptop, visitors can see firsthand how automatic testing helps eliminate human error and cuts costs by reducing the time spent running and documenting repetitive, manual metal detector tests.

“Our return to PACK EXPO International represents how much metal detection technology has evolved in the past two years,” notes Steve Gidman, president of Fortress Technology. “The market for metal detection continues to grow and Fortress has responded to manufacturers’ calls for more cost-efficient, never-obsolete metal detectors that deliver optimal food safety and quality control on their packaging lines; all without compromising on sensitivity. In fact, our Interceptor and multi-lane, multi-aperture systems now reliably detect the range of ferrous and nonferrous metals, including aluminum, providing for many food inspection applications a viable alternative with equal performance levels to x-ray systems; yet at a fraction of the cost.”

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