Market insights lead to product re-introduction

Increasingly, packaging innovation is originating in the supply chain. One recent example is O-I Venezuela, which identified the potential market value associated with colored glass containers and approached beverage manufacturer and marketer Cerveceria Polar.

Pw 10687 Solera Light

The result was a new cobalt-blue glass bottle and the re-introduction of Solera Light Beer in Venezuela.

The 250-mL longneck features an oval, metallic label and a silver cap, which give the brand distinction in the beer aisle, says Hernan Perez, Cerveceria Polar marketing manager. The new package has improved Cerveceria Polar’s total beer market share in Venezuela to 5% and its market penetration to 73%.

O-I Venezuela’s initial packaging perception studies “found strong consumer recall in the cobalt-blue bottle,” says Miguel Yanez, marketing manager. Consumers associated the blue tint with fashion and a contemporary brand—a good fit for a premium beer such as Solera, Yanez adds.

Cerveceria Polar validated O-I’s general findings about colored bottles with its own consumer research about color’s impact in bottled beer.

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