Self-cleaning Magnet

The Powder-Solutions Mag-Ram self-cleaning magnet is USDA Dairy accepted.

Powder Solutions Mag Ram Magnet

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The Powder-Solutions Mag-Ram self-cleaning magnet collects ferrous metal fragments without human interaction. The design of the magnet pneumatically retracts the magnet rods, rotates them, and wipes the magnetic materials to the end and into a collection chamber. The rotation provided by the cleaning equalizes abrasive wear while avoiding material buildup on the magnet rods. 

Automatic cleaning can take place during, before, or after production runs. Applications include the extraction of work-hardened stainless steel, wear iron, and tramp metal. The magnet provides a 10,000+ gauss reading. Units can be sized to suit existing chutes and hoppers or to replace existing low-strength or inefficient grate magnets.

Food-specific benefits include:

  • Automatic cleaning that eliminates risk of bacterial contamination caused by human ingress
  • Easy collection of metal extractions for analysis
  • No sleeves for product residual to build up
  • Product stream coverage that optimizes separation and efficiency
  • Minimal, simple, and economical maintenance
  • Zero downtime during production

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