Rite-Hite Raptor Max Doors Connect with Smart Technology

Offer durability, safety, and efficiency

Rite Hite Raptor Max Rubber Door

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Able to cover openings as large as 20-ft tall by 20-ft wide, Rite-Hite Raptor Max doors are made from 1/4-in. SBR (styrene-butadiene) rubber that make them extremely durable in the most extreme conditions.

“Rubber doors are being used more frequently, especially in harsh conditions,” says John Ritter, Rite-Hite Doors director of business development and product management. “The Raptor series offers the durability and environmental control of rubber doors with the lofty standards set by all Rite-Hite high-performance doors, such as high cycle speeds, safety, and the ability to connect with smart technology.”

Raptor Max doors are designed for a wide variety of openings, including interior, exterior, and high-wind applications. Based on wind load requirements in the American Society of Civil Engineers criteria, Raptor Max doors—depending on exact size—can take on static wind loads of up to 20 psf, the equivalent to a 115 mph wind.

 Raptor Max doors can be controlled by the Rite-Hite graphic user interface (GUI), which allows for simple operation and troubleshooting. GUI controls also allow for the integration of safety communication products, such as the LED countdown timer, LED pre-announce, and the LED virtual vision. LEDs enhance safety and communication at and around the door opening. The smart technology platform Opti-Vu can also collect usage data and energy data by connecting with GUI.

 The curtain monitoring system uses sensors to determine if there is a side frame misfeed or stalled curtain closing. A breakaway feature automatically re-feeds a Raptor door back onto its track if a forklift impacts it, eliminating costly repair downtime. Additionally, the doors have a soft bottom design helps them conform to uneven surfaces for a tight environmental seal.

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