Multi-shaft Mixers

Ross VersaMix multi-shaft mixers provide efficient batch turnover.

Ross Vm 3000 300 Gal Multi Shaft Mixer

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Ross VersaMix multi-shaft mixers are ideal for processing medium- to high-viscosity applications up to several hundred thousand centipoise, such as thick slurries, pastes, gels, and suspensions. The vacuum-rated VMC-3000 mixers are operated from an independent 15-in. NEMA 4X touchscreen control panel. The mixers also feature stainless-steel type 304 dimpled, dual-zone jackets designed for 100 psig at 200oF. VersaMix models range from laboratory to large scale capacities up to 4,000 gal.

The 3,000-gal VersaMix Model VM-3000 mixer is equipped with a custom combination of three agitators, each driven by a 60 hp TEFC inverter-duty motor. The three-wing anchor and two screw augers are all independently controlled with variable speeds, working together to ensure efficient batch turnover at every ingredient addition and mixing stage.

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