Fryer system prevents damage to batter coating

Is available with capacities up to 70,000 lb./hr.

Heat and Control 2-stage French Fry Fryer System
Heat and Control 2-stage French Fry Fryer System

In stage 1 of the Heat and Control 2-stage French fry fryer system, the oil flow controls product dwell time and fines removal; the oil velocity matches the speed of incoming product as it passes through the fryer in a single layer, while an oil inlet maintains equal side-to-side oil flow and directs fines out of the unit. In stage 2, multiple zones of oil inlets and outlets maintain a consistent average cooking temperature as fines are quickly removed. The system also includes an integrated batter application system, oil mist eliminators to meet battered product exhaust conditions, a heat exchanger and complete access platforms.

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